Surf Summit 21: Closing Day & A Lesson from Bobby Hundreds

Talks from Alterra Mountain Co.’s Erik Forsell and Zumiez CEO Rick Brooks, and key learnings on racial diversity.

Dusty Payne and Pat Parnell at Surf Summit 21. Photo: Steele

Surf Summit 21 is officially on the books, and as the industry returns home and gets back to their businesses, they are left with some key takeaways from a strong cast of speakers and panelists.

Day three in Cabo featured seminars by Erik Forsell, CMO of Alterra Mountain Company, and Zumiez CEO Rick Brooks, plus a panel on the future of surf parks, featuring panelists BSR Surf Resort’s Tony Finn, Surf Park Central’s John Luff, Nland’s Blake Hess and Shane Beschen of Playground Surf.

Are surf parks the future of surfing? This panel explored that idea…and had a little fun, too. Photo: Steele

Following some pool time, guests headed to the beach for cocktails and dinner on the sand. The evening’s host, Pat Parnell, sat down with professional surfer Dusty Payne.

They chatted about Payne’s childhood in Hawaii, his time competing in the QS and his multiple injuries – including his most recent near death experience at Backdoor. Attendees got a preview of his new movie, “Rentlentless”, set to drop in June, and chatted about what’s next.

Surf Summit 21: Closing Day & A Lesson from Bobby Hundreds
The crew packed onto the sand to hear stories from none other than Dusty Payne. Photo: Steele

A key takeaway from the three-day summit that has left the industry buzzing was Bobby Hundreds’ suggestion that the surf industry needs to focus on making the sport more racially diverse.

His discussion centered around what the surf industry can learn from streetwear – specifically, how inclusivity could play a huge role in the market’s growth.

The founder of popular streetwear brand The Hundreds, Bobby published a deeper dive into his Surf Summit presentation on The Hundreds blog, which can be read in its entirety here.

“[There’s] an obvious void that I see and feel in surf,” Hundreds says. “It’s the presence and power of racial diversity.”

Bobby Hundreds addresses the surf industry. Image courtesy of The Hundreds

Citing more than 250 million migrants worldwide, Hundreds said it would be amiss of the surf industry to not address the ever-growing racially diverse audience that is not just a rising trend in America, but globally.

He also points to music and the lifestyle around streetwear as a huge influence on youth today – and the surf industry should and could take a cue from that:

“Streetwear, rap’s uniform, has benefited from the music’s dominance in popular culture, taking shelf space in stores that were once dedicated to surf labels,” he continues. “And like rap, streetwear’s potency is also largely attributed to its racial inclusivity.”

Article courtesy to Adventure Sports Network

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