Hey Everyone! Look How Fun Surfing Is!

Article courtesy to The Inertia 

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 10.51.01 AM

Watch a cool surfing video HERE

Have you stopped lately to think to yourself “how fun is SURFING?” One should, as a matter of course, try and do that at least once a day. Oh yes, it can be difficult when the waves go parking lot flat (as is the case in Southern California) or you have one of those sessions that leaves you feeling frustrated and angry (as can be the case in Southern California).

There are, however, ways around those small difficulties. The right board, for example. Waves are small? Ride a log. Crowds are thick? Head out with a bunch of friends and learn to love the party wave. And yes, it helps to surf as well as Ellis Ericson, Jordan Griffin, and Jordan Rodin (that last name is one you should remember from this incredible bit of finless fun). So when the east coast of northern New South Wales got lit up by an early run of swell, the trio did exactly what they do best, and it is a perfect example of just how fun surfing is.


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